Saturday, August 19, 2006


Really, all it takes is hard work, dedication, support, self-discipline, focus, desire, teamwork and talent. That's all
The Oiler Marching Band showed it all in its first public performance Saturday night. The show isn't really ready for prime time, yet. The band is learning its show, but after five intense days of band camp, the band is making progress.

The show opens with the opening to "Stairway to Heaven," segues nicely into "Kashmir," then the "Moby Dick" drum solo. Over the next few weeks, the band will add "Living Lovin' Maid," "Black Dog" and "The Immigrant Song." It's an ambitious schedule -- Zeppelin music isn't simple, and it's very well known. But these guys are doing a credible job with it.

I think about Robert, one of the youngest members of the band. He's doing this at 12 years old. Most of my accomplishments at 12 were all in my imagination. This is real.
The first football game is six days away, vs. the Midland Overachievers.
Somehow, it seems fitting.

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