Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet the little princess, Sophia

Princess Sophia discovers the joy of a kitty toy upstairs at the Ranzenhaus.

We first became aware of this little girl cat when a friend of our posted a panicky Facebook message: She'd climbed to the top of a power pole, was meowing piteously, and refused to come down.

She was up there for a couple of days before a generous electrical contractor used a 40-foot ladder to bring her down.

But she couldn't stay at the friend's house, which already was the home to a Malamute who seemed to have decided that little Princess Sophia really should have been named "lunch." Another Facebook message went out - Sophia might have to go to the shelter if someone didn't step up.

Karen plays with Sophia
It turns out that family friend Debbie needed a cat. Debbie's long-time companion, Amanda Cat, had passed on. Debbie needs a cat. Welcome home, Sophia.

A literal rescue cat - rescued from atop a power pole!
Sophia will be spayed, get her shots and soon go off on another adventure. Just stay away from tall trees, power lines, telephone polls and large dogs. Debbie will make sure of that.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day weekend in Frankfort

Another weekend - and another day trip to Lake Michigan. Frankfort and Elberta are two of our favorite shoreline communities on Michigan's west coast. The beaches are beautiful, the people are wonderful, and the two-hour drive isn't hard on a sunny spring day.
Karen decides she's going to get adventurous and check out the breakwall that separates the calm harbor waters of Betsie Lake from Lake Michigan.
It's a long way out there, but the view of the Frankfort North Breakwall Light is very nice.

The light, built in 1912, is a symbol of the region.
On shore, we met retired humanities teachers Dan, left, and Carole Reznich of Higgins Lake, who love to spot passing lakers.

Far beyond the breakwall, a laker heads downbound.
Karen primps a little as she prepares to take a selfie on the beach.

That's nice.

She loves her newly spiffed-up platinum hair!

For dinner, we went to the Cabbage Shed in Elberta. Local food, craft beers and general wonderfulness. Bluegill, garlic mashed potatoes and steamed, fresh asparagus. We'll be back.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Kissy Missy's Milestone

It was Mother's Day - and perhaps more importantly, it was a major milestone birthday for Karen. (She doesn't look a day over 27.) She was absolutely clear about how we would celebrate: Dinner at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth. And we celebrated.
Karen, her BFF Deb and accordionist Linda Lee, decked out in a Bavarian dirndl, show the tradition. Lee played "Happy Birthday." Not all the kids could make it - Katherine and Andrew both were scheduled to work, and Robert had this little commitment to the Corps in Hawaii. After learning of this, Lee played the "Marines' Hymn." 
Matthew and Amanda drove up from Grand Rapids to join the celebration.
Amanda hadn't had the Bavarian Inn's chicken dinner before, and she pronounced it delicious!
The Bavarian Inn provided a special Bavarian chocolate mini-birthday cake.
And Karen really loved the orange-and-vanilla swirl over cranberry ice cream.
Even the gnomes in the Royal Gift Shop wished her a happy birthday and happy Mother's Day.