Friday, October 30, 2009

Last week of the season

It all comes down to Durand on Saturday. The Oiler Marching Band has improved continuously this season, but they're young, and the show is very challenging. Still, entering the final week of competition, Mt. Pleasant is in eighth place in Flight III.

The top 10 bands head to Ford Field next weekend for the state finals. The competition this year has been as intense as I can ever remember it.

The guard's looking great this year.

Highly talented seniors like Haruki have provided the inspiration for the more than 30 first-year marchers.

And last weekend at West Bloomfield, Mt. Pleasant collected a 17.9 on its music ensemble score - a remarkably high score. Overall, the Oilers broke 70 at West Bloomfield.

For Katherine, the senior, this weekend and the shot at one more trip to Ford Field means a lot. She'll be pouring her heart and soul into it.

We've been trying to do our part, too, to support the band. Before home games, Kissy Missy and I have been selling Oiler seat cushions. Above, she turns to the flag as Robert conducts the National Athem before the Arthur Hill game.

There will be seven Flight III bands at Durand, and Linden, Trenton and Mt. Pleasant have to be considered the favorites.

It's all about the music, the marching, the effect. Don't stop believing.