Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Band camp

It begins today.
Robert's already appeared once with the Mount Pleasant High School Marching Band, but the real work begins today, with the start of the infamous Band Camp.
He and a lot of other eager overachievers will be practicing 11 hours a day for the next five days to get started on this year's shows. We leave for MPHS in a few minutes; Robert seems uncharacteristically calm.
He ate a pasty for breakfast, and is quietly sitting across the counter from me, drinking coffee, smiling knowingly.
Yeah, Dad's more nervous than Robert. That's the way it always is, isn't it?

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Little v said...

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im victoria
what instrument do u play? i play drums, trumpet, flute, sax, cornet, bugle and marching drums-but im not absessed lol i play marching band aswell!!!!!but its navy cadet stuff. what country r u in? is it america? dunno y i thouht that.
visit my blog plz anyways hope u have fun at band camp........american pie"one time at band camp!"
lol cya