Monday, January 26, 2009

Les Chats de l'hiver

The title means "The cats of winter," and Minden and München have fluffed out, cuddled up and used their instincts to keep warm against the bitter Michigan winter.

Not that they're outside cats, of course. Minden once did stray into the garage - a fascinating place. But staying warm, even when it's 70 degrees inside, is an art form. It requires two talented cats to form a single heart-shaped pussycat.

München has a special hideaway in the back of the closet, atop a fuzzy blanket and beneath Dad's sweaters.

Minden, when he's not cuddled with München, will cuddle with Kissy Missy on her recliner.

C'est l'hiver en Michigan. C'est froid. Maintainez le chat chaud!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Front page

I clicked onto Central Michigan University's front page today - and got a really nice surprise.
The featured image was the classroom/lab where I teach. Those are two journalism students - graduates, now, actually - and a colleague.
Actually, the front page feature photo rotates around to a number of different showcase programs. It's nice to see the affirmation of what we do.
And Taryn, Kim and Kent - you're looking good. Much better choice than putting me up there.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter's progress

Today is Jan. 21.

That means we are one month into winter.

Winter is ONE-THIRD done!

Which means we've got twice as much winter in front of us as we've already experienced.
Woo. Hoo.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Decide you’re not cold

It’s a little frosty outside, but it’s a lot more bearable if you just decide to use the proper words to describe the temperature. Be optimistic.
Not sure which words you should use? Here’s some guidance to choosing the right words to feel warmer:
50-59: Sweater weather
40-49: Pleasant
30-39: Cool
20-29: Chilly
10-19: Brisk
0-9: Nippy
-9 to -1: Frosty
-10 to -19: Shivery
-20 to -29: OK, now I’ll admit it’s cold
-30 to -40: Maybe we should go inside …
-40 or below: … and bring the keg inside, too.
Just remember that at minus 30 with a 30 mph wind, human flesh freezes solid in 30 seconds. Anything less is just frostbite.