Sunday, August 27, 2006

One great opener!

The Oiler marching band got to work early Friday night. Twenty-three seconds into the game -- 23 seconds! -- Skyler Swindell blasted 72 yards down the sidelines and scored Mount Pleasant High's first touchdown of the season against the Midland Overachievers, and the Oiler band struck up the Mount Pleasant Fight Song.
They had two other opportunities for that, as the Oilers beat the Chemics 21-10. The Detroit News had had Midland ranked No. 5 in the state in the preseason. Oops. Last year, with Mount Pleasant struggling in the Saginaw Valley League, the Oilers went 4-5, and they've got a new coach. No one expected much.
Hey, a win's a win, especially against Midland.
The band: It's just jelling very, very nice. The Elemental Led show is coming together, with complex, swirling choreography, compelling music and a really tight band.
I think the band got almost as much applause as the team.
And Robert: Let us not forget he still was 12 years old as he played in this first game.

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