Monday, August 14, 2006

Annie and Lexie

We met Fuzzy's girls Sunday.
That's plural. He's become quite serious about Annie, and Annie has a daughter, Alexis, known as Lexie.
I can see why he fell for both of them.
Fuzzy's known Annie since high school. Apparently she wanted to go out with him then, but he was taken. That relationship has long since evaporated, and a few months ago, quite by accident, Annie and her new daughter moved in across the street from Fuzzy.
Sparks flew, and Fuzzy and Annie became an item.
On Sunday, it was "Meet the Parents" time, or in our case, "Meet the Fokkers."
Actually, it wasn't that weird. Annie is something of a rebel, the black sheep of a very traditional West Michigan family.
She's very focused. I wouldn't describe her as driven, but I certainly would describe her as a strong woman.
And she fit right into this off-the-wall gang.
I cooked stuffed French toast for everyone, followed by pot roast, sweet corn and blueberry pie.
Annie said she wanted to come back again; she didn't run away screaming. She and Lexie certainly are very welcome to be a part of this slightly off-the-wall organization.

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