Sunday, September 21, 2014

Matthew and Amanda get married - #FuzzyNAmanda

Amanda and Matthew Ranzenberger emerge from Amanda's family church near Holland, Mich., after being married Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014.
Amanda, welcome to the Ranzenbergers.
I looked it up: In 2000, the latest data available, the census bureau found just 154 people in the entire United States with the last name Ranzenberger.
Talk about unique. More than 318 million people live in the United States, and only about 150 of them have the name Ranzenberger. I did the math. It’s not a one-in-a-million thing. It’s a one-in-two-million thing.
You have joined, Mrs. Ranzenberger, a very exclusive society.
Let me tell you about the benefits:
• You now can tell people your name is Amanda Ranzenberger-Let-Me-Spell-That-For-You.
• You get to watch people’s eyes get real big when they read your driver’s license
• You might not be able to have your name fit into one column in a newspaper or some credit cards. Ask your sister-in-law Katherine about that.
• and, you always will know that if you run into someone else with the name Ranzenberger, you know there’s some connection out there, somewhere.
Amanda, on behalf of the family, we are so glad to have you. I hope you’re glad to have us. Really. You are bringing up the quality of the family – I want you to know that. You are the best thing that’s happened to that kid of mine, and we love you.
Matthew, Amanda, you love each other. Keep it up. Don’t lose the faith. Don’t lose the love. Carry that name proudly. And, please … spell it right.
To Mr. and Mrs. Ranzenberger!

Before the ceremony, Matthew and groomsman Andrew rush to attend to last-minute details.

In the bride's room of Graafschap Church, Amanda simply looks radiant.

Ringbearer Logan is ready to rock.

Flower girl Kendall looks a bit worried.

Bridesmaid Katherine has it together.

And they even managed to get the father of the groom into a suit.

The congregation is ready to celebrate.

Matthew awaits the arrival of his bride.

And I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Photos! A perfect spot on the dam on the Rabbit River. Really?


The Ranzenkids.

Andrew is pleased.

Kissy Missy plays her role perfectly.

As does Kay.

Uncle Arnold sees his first nephew get married.

Grandma Kay and Grandpa Bryce enjoy the reception.

The off-and-on rain ends, and a rainbow appears.

Obviously, the wedding cake is delicious!

The couple seems pretty serious about this.

And Sunday morning, the Ranzenclan gathers for brunch.

From Facebook:
Amanda Ranzenberger: I’m the happiest I've ever been in my life. I have a hot hubby and a last name twice as long to prove it. I feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing parents, friends and family. I don't think I've stopped smiling in the past 24 hours!!!
Matt Ranzenberger: Everybody keeps saying "Fuzzy's been tamed,” but they're all wrong. Amanda is just wild enough to run with me.