Saturday, July 8, 2006


I almost feel as if this should have a dateline on it:
CHICAGO -- This is the part of O'Hare International Airport that gives it its "international" appeal.
Kissy Missy and I are in the international terminal, waiting for the arrival of Air France Flight 50. She should be on the ground in just a few minutes.
Kissy Missy and I came down yesterday, taking advantage of the opportunity to spend a little time in one of my favorite cities.
Every bad thing you've heard about Chicago traffic is true. Take the boat, take the plane, take the train but the freeway traffic is awful. We were stuck on one short stretch of the Chicago Skyway, "The Fastest Way into the City," (yeah, right) for more than an hour, stuck among three 18-wheelers moving at 3 to 5 mph.
But on the plus side, Kissy Missy used Priceline to get a nice, comfortable place near O'Hare for $45! She's good.

We took the CTA Blue Line to the Loop, went up to the Skydeck at the Sears Tower, and had Giordano's deep-dish Chicago pizza for dinner.

Today, for lunch, she zoomed in on what turned out to be a fabulous Bulgarian cafe in Schiller Park. It's called the Cafe Mirage, and it's real. The food is truly authentic, because it serves an immigrant population. I think we were the only people whose native language was English in the place.
The chicken soup was fabulous, the dish Kissy Missy ordered was fabulous -- sort of a Swiss Steak in chunks over mashed potatoes and rice -- and the Euro hamburger I got -- grilled ground beef on crusty French bread with cucumber -- was great.
Kissy Missy commented that every woman in the place was beautiful. I'd agree.
More later when Flight 50 lands.

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