Monday, July 10, 2006

Boys ... and girls

Kathy and Robert had been home for less than two hours late Sunday.
Robert put up his feet and turned into a temporary vegetable, watching old "Star Trek" reruns. Kathy ran for the phone, and her first call was to Ryan, her heartthrob.
He didn't answer the phone, but in a few minutes, he texted her.
The news was not good. He dumped her. In a text message.
How gauche.
Kathy, of course, was utterly devastated. She's had it bad for this guy since she was in the play this spring, and it looked as if this relationship might be going somewhere. Then she left for Europe.
Long separations are relationship killers, particularly for the emotionally immature, like teenagers.
I took her over to her friend Allyssa's house. On the way, she got the Dad talk. Then she got the girl talk she really needed.
I hope that Kathy will take this opportunity to start buying into the idea that she can be a woman who doesn't need a male to define her. She is such a strong personality that it wouldn't work for her to be defined by a male, anyway.
But that comes later. First, the drama must finish.

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