Monday, July 10, 2006

Blue Lake

Robert is completely taken with Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.
Karen, Kathy and I drove up from Chicago on Sunday. He was utterly exhausted, but utterly thrilled to have been a part of the experience. Robert said he couldn't believe how quickly it had gone.
He was part of the Blue Band, a concert band that performed Sunday afternoon at the Stewart Band Shell.
The lake breeze was brisk, and it did a great job of cooling off a scorching day. The girls and I sat under a tree near the back of the seating, relaxing, enjoying the music and the day.
Kathy, of course, saw a lot of her friends from last year and ran off for girl talk. That is. She did see her brother perform -- including in a piece called "Clarinet Hoedown" -- and thought the band was pretty good.
So did I.
And I now am the proud owner of a fleece with a Blue Lake logo.

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