Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Blue Line

One of the definitions of news is information that affects the reader personally or touches the reader's life. That's why I'll be following the probe into an accident on the Chicago Transit Authority's Blue Line that happened earlier this week.
Kissy Missy and I rode that train in from O'Hare and back on Friday.
Personally, I like the CTA. It's inexpensive, convenient and clean.
But there were some things about our ride that bothered me. The cars swayed, big time. I recall looking at the car ahead of us, and being stunned by how much it swayed, and how out-of-synch the swaying was with our car.
"Should it be this bumpy?" Kissy Missy asked at one point. My reaction was that it was a smoother ride than the Paris Metro, but yeah, it was bumpy.
I want to ride this train again. I don't want my picture in the Sun-Times for being evacuated.

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