Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Katherine decided to tag along with me while I made one of my semi-regular appearances as a talking head on Delta College Public Broadcasting's "Currently Speaking" program last night. I like doing television, even though I'm not pretty -- the only character I can play is the print-media pundit pontificating on politics and pablum.
When we walked into the studio, the crew -- which turned out to be short on volunteers -- asked Katherine if she wanted to run camera. Before she even had a chance to say yes, she was briefed on how to run it and put on Camera 3.

The hour-long broadcast is a live call-in show, with all the pitfalls of live TV. Katherine says she didn't screw up, and discovered how different television looks from behind the scenes as opposed to what shows up on the screen.
Her primary shot was the other guest pundit -- a Michigan State professor she said was "way too tan with teeth that were too perfect."
I've always thought it's more fun to be behind the scenes. Let's just say the commentary on the crew's headsets often is more entertaining than the commentary from the pontificating pundits.

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