Monday, May 7, 2007

Minden and München

Minden, age 6 weeks, checks out his new home.

München, age 7 weeks, decides who's in charge.

After Cinnamon's unexpected death, we all took it very hard. The house in Lake Isabella was too quiet, too empty, too sad. Kissy Missy put it this way: "I think I'll just gone home and miss Cinnamon."
The place needed a cat. Two cats, in fact. Two Siamese kittens.
Meet Minden and München.
Minden is the younger of the two, a little smaller, a week younger than München. He's a bit shy at this point, but he's got the kind of resolve behind those blue eyes that just makes things happen.
München is bigger, older, a little tougher, and man, he's loud! He's got a mouth on him that just won't quit! It's hard to believe that all that sound can come out of that little package.
Siamese are vocal cats, and this one, wow, he proves it.

The two were named after the kids' two favorite German cities. Katherine had a great time in Minden with a marvelous host family during her European tour last summer -- and Andrew felt as if he'd come home when he visited Bavaria this spring. Totally appropriate.
(I argued for Zeus and Jupiter. They're Siamese, after all, so they already think they're gods.)
Minden and München are not brothers, but were raised together. We got them from a breeder in Chesaning. The mama cats were friendly and happy, the place was clean and good-smelling, the breeders professional.
To a long, fun life, Minden and München!

Top left: München looks alert as Katherine holds him. Top right: Minden, top, and München race to the litter box. Bottom left: Robert compares his size-10 foot to the tiny kitten.


Anonymous said...


Those kitties are soooo cute! Munchen looks like Foo when she was little.

They are absolutely adorable. You're going to have a lot of fun with them.

They are going to be a handful!

Sue Field

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog (it shows up when you search "Central
Michigan University" on and am sorry to hear about
your cat. We had an old Siamese that lived a long and happy life
before it ended much like Cinnamon's did. Interestingly enough, our
response was exactly the same as the Ranzenbergers': Two Siamese

The new babies are adorable! Hope you are having fun with them!there are few things in the world that can turn a household upside down like a pair of Siamese kittens ... especially when they are small enough to climb into pockets and shoes ... and still have their claws to climb up pantlegs!

-- Lindsay

P.S. It just occurred to me that I saw you the day after Cinnamon's
death, which would explain why you were not your usual, jovial self.
Believe me, I know that feeling all too well.