Saturday, May 12, 2007

Katrina's eyes

The family of Marine Master Sgt. Michael Wert, from left, Debbie, Michael, Katrina and Rochelle, accept the flag that covered Master Sgt. Wert's casket at his burial Saturday in Alma.

Katrina Wert's eyes are going to haunt me for a long time.
Katrina Wert is the daughter of Marine Master Sgt. Michael Wert of Alma. Sgt. Wert was given a Marine hero's funeral Saturday in his home town after he died while helping to rescue two boys caught in a rip tide off a beach in North Carolina, where he was stationed.
Katrina also took part in the rescue, taking a boogie board into the water with her, locating them, getting them to hold onto the board, and getting them to shore. She said, in a written essay read at the funeral service, that she thought her father was right behind her, letting her do the lifesaving.
But he wasn't, and she didn't realize that until it was too late.
She got the boys to shore.
Master Sgt. Wert taught his daughter well. The only thing I can think of is that this young woman truly lived up to all the meaning of Semper Fidelis.

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Bevin Buchler said...

Michael Wert was my cousin. Katrina is a very strong girl. She knew exactly what to do and followed her fathers guidance. Mike continues to make a huge impact on our whole family. And we want to thank everyone for their prayers and sympathy. Mike can now rest knowing he made an impact on the world.