Sunday, May 13, 2007

Andrew, the college kid

The letter read: Dear Andrew: Congratulations on your acceptance at Central Michigan University.
Andrew, the college kid.
He's been accepted as a dual-enrollment student for his senior year in high school. Mount Pleasant doesn't offer third-year German, so he'll be taking college level German at CMU. Under Michigan law, the school district pays the tuition, which will amount to $753 for the year.
He'll have to take an assessment to determine the level of college class, but it will have to look good on a college admission form that he's dual-enrolling for a foreign language.
Ja. Das is gut!

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Matthew said...

Flippin' CMU! That's crazy!
That's three-quarters of my tuition as a full time student at GRCC. I congratulate the little guy! Way to show up your big brother.