Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I know it was here yesterday ...

There's something missing in this picture.

It's strange to wake up in the morning, step out on the deck, and discover your neighbor's house is missing.
I will admit that at first, in the predawn darkness yesterday morning, I didn't immediately notice what was wrong. There was just this bleary-eyed sense that there was something not quite right.
Oh, yeah! There was a house there yesterday, and now it's gone.
It's just not the kind of thing you expect, so it takes a little while to wrap your head around it, especially at 6 a.m.
Our neighbors are summer people. The house actually was a 14-foot-wide mobile home -- a nice one, with a pitched roof and vinyl siding. I wouldn't call it a trailer; it wasn't a flat-roofed trailer-park monstrosity.
About a month ago, after things started thawing out after the cold snap, I heard water running at that place. Apparently the pipes had frozen, broken, then thawed out.I called the water department and got the water shut off, but I'm guessing there was substantial water damage.
Perhaps the damage was bad enough to replace the dwelling. With a stick-built house, you have to tear down and rebuild. Maybe with a mobile home, you just haul the whole home out and move a new one in.
The place got moved Monday, but it was dark when I came home from work and brought the boys home from Scouts Monday night. I didn't notice until daylight Tuesday.
Yeah! There used to be a house there!
Annie and Lexie
on the back deck last summer
with the neighbor's house in
the background.

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Karen said...

Just how would we put out an APB on "our" house if we came home and it wasn't there... I mean, the neighbor's house already "went missing." Cold Case? CSI? This could be a good story line!

Kissy Missy