Sunday, April 15, 2007

A high school Renaissance

Clearly, Katherine was appalled.
There she was, dressed as a serving wench, and who also shows up dressed in period costume for the Mount Pleasant High School Madrigal Dinner? Kissy Missy and me.
How appalling.
How fun.

I wore my usual costume as a monk -- it's amazing how much mileage I've gotten out of the darn thing since that summer at Scout camp -- and Kissy Missy dressed as a princess. We were lovely.
The event was terrific, as well. Great music, great food, a good fund-raiser for the vocal music program.

Serving wenches Kayla, Annie and Ashley, three of the 11 members of "The Nine," (don't ask) who performed at the Madrigal Dinner.


Anonymous said...

I hate those pictures of me...



P.S. Some ppl should not have their pictures taken... Wally!

Andrew said...

i don't think that SM's costume is from the same period as the rest of the costumes. she appears to be in an Eastern European costume from about two hundred years before the Western European costumes that the Madrigal singers were wearing. (i think. i might be entirely wrong, but SM's costume clashes with the costumes of everyone else.) the monk costume almost fits in, but i think it's the purple of the thing. if it was brown... maybe.
it was a good attempt though...