Friday, June 30, 2006

'We're sounding amazing'

Kathy called Thursday from Germany. She bought a phone card, and I guess she's determined to use it.
There was a new maturity in her voice, as well as a tinge of homesickness. She said she was truly homesick when the group was in Minden, but she's over it. She still is looking forward to getting back to the United States.
The performances have been, in her words, "sounding amazing." The group has been performing primarily in churches, and even was part of a Sunday liturgy at a Lutheran church. That would have been something to behold.
The one performanced not in church was in an auditorium at B├╝ckeberg, and that sounded fabulous, too, according to Kathy.
The Native American gifts are a big hit with the host families.
And she's met someone named Ranzenberger! Apparently, it's a guy about her age. When someone said the name with the Deutsch pronunciation -- "the way you say it, Dad," -- it got her attention big-time.
Still ahead: La Belle France!
I can't wait to hear these guys.

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