Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Sunrise in the north country

It was a beautiful weekend forAndrew and Robert.

This was the Scouts’ annual summer canoe trip, and once again, they traveled to the Upper Manistee River. The stretch is west of Frederic, and it’s a calm, gentle stream.
This particular trip had a pretty good turnout. The troop invites families along, and many families took advantage of the opportunity.
Kathy had a sleepover, and I decided to pass on the opportunity to go canoeing. Kissy Missy and I took the boys up Friday night, and I went after them Sunday morning.
In between, they had a great time. Robert says he stayed completely dry, a claim I completely believe. Andrew got doused once, and he says it wasn’t his fault.
The SPL decided to jump into the canoe with Andrew and his friend Alex. That’ll do it.

I went back up by myself Sunday morning, on a beautiful drive into the North country. Public Radio’s “Echoes” provided the soundtrack, the drive was clear and dry, and National Geographic light flooded the hour after dawn.
When I arrived, the camp was relaxed, calm and stress-free. A fire was burning, just because if it’s a camp, there has to be a fire. Robert was up and packed; Andrew didn’t take much motivating to get up.
The guys worked together to load up the canoe.

Andrew tied the canoe down with a trucker’s noose, a knot I taught him. One knot, and it’s tight. He’s got it down.
Breakfast at Big Boy in Grayling, watching a cute, young waitress flirt outrageously with a customer, the road home, rest.
For the guys, the perfect campout, the perfect canoe event.

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Fuzzy said...

Man that's funny lookin', a canoe on an Escort...