Thursday, June 15, 2006

Please, St. Joseph

Andrew, Robert and I spent the evening doing idiot stick* work in the front yard, digging up the statue of St. Joseph we buried last fall when we put the house on the market. Somehow, I knew we'd done something wrong.
It turns out we did a lot wrong. Let's see:
a) We buried the statue in the front yard, not the back yard.
b) We didn't have him facing east, toward Nazareth.
c) and perhaps, most important of all, we took down the crucifixes in the house when we got ready to sell it.
The crucifixes have to go up again, and St. Joseph, you've got a breather.
The Novena starts tomorrow.
Wanna buy a house?
* Idiot stick: a stick with a shovel, rake, broom, mop, etc. at one end, and an idiot at the other.

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