Monday, May 11, 2015

Kissy Missy's Milestone

It was Mother's Day - and perhaps more importantly, it was a major milestone birthday for Karen. (She doesn't look a day over 27.) She was absolutely clear about how we would celebrate: Dinner at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth. And we celebrated.
Karen, her BFF Deb and accordionist Linda Lee, decked out in a Bavarian dirndl, show the tradition. Lee played "Happy Birthday." Not all the kids could make it - Katherine and Andrew both were scheduled to work, and Robert had this little commitment to the Corps in Hawaii. After learning of this, Lee played the "Marines' Hymn." 
Matthew and Amanda drove up from Grand Rapids to join the celebration.
Amanda hadn't had the Bavarian Inn's chicken dinner before, and she pronounced it delicious!
The Bavarian Inn provided a special Bavarian chocolate mini-birthday cake.
And Karen really loved the orange-and-vanilla swirl over cranberry ice cream.
Even the gnomes in the Royal Gift Shop wished her a happy birthday and happy Mother's Day.

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