Sunday, April 26, 2015

Coach Karen

The phone call came late in the week, as IMG Sports General Manager Steve Klein invited Karen to join the staff of honorary assistant coaches on the sidelines of Saturday's Central Michigan University spring football game.
How can anyone say no to an offer like that?
Saturday, the Maroon team tangled with the Gold team - and Karen was on the sidelines.

Football graduate assistant Jameson Zacharias listens to his headphones as honorary assistant coach Karen Ranzenberger observes during Central Michigan University's annual spring football game at Kelly/Shorts Stadium.
Central Michigan University Student Government Association President Chuck Mahone, left, an honorary assistant coach, listens as coach John Bonamengo explains the role of the honorary assistant coaches during a briefing in the Indoor Athletic Complex.
Coach Bonamego tells the honorary assistants they'll get to call some plays.

Honorary assistant coach Maggie Blackmer, center, a Lake Orion junior and vice president of SGA, practices a play-calling signal as Karen, left, and football graduate assistant Jameson Zacharias look on.
Karen and Maggie prepare to call a play.

Starting quarterback Cooper Rush, a junior from Charlotte, drops into the pocket.
Kicker Brian Eavy, a Grand Ledge junior, attempts an extra point as the Maroon team jumps out to a commanding lead.
Karen Ranzenberger looks at the scoreboard.

Bonamego gestures to the sidelines from the field.
The honorary assistant coaches pose at midfield during halfime.
Coach John Bonamego talks to his honorary assistant coaches at the half.
Quarterback Ryan Lamb, a junior from Cardiff, California, drops back as Bonamego and his staff take a look at the reserves.
Karen  likes what she sees.
Redshirt freshman quarterback Zach Oakley of Osceola, Ind., gets some playing time.

Maggie and Karen confer during CMU's annual spring football game.
A Titan Equipment scissor lift carries video gear; a solid parts department is ready to supply any needed repair parts during the season. 

Karen takes her own shots from the sidelines.

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