Saturday, June 29, 2013

Still more postcards from Chicago

Three teenagers wait for an Orange Line train at Roosevelt Station high above Roosevelt Road between State Street and Wabash Avenue in the South Loop at dusk. 

Chicago's Calder is called "Flamingo," and it's in front of the federal building.

A street musician jams after dark on Michigan Avenue at Congress Parkway.


Nobody rides trains anymore, right? The concourse at midday at Chicago's Union Station.

The Great Hall of the old station remains as beautiful as it ever was.

The passageway to the trains deep beneath the city's streets.

No set of postcards would be complete without a shot of Chicago's Water Tower.


Or the Tribune Tower, a remnant of the days when monopolies controlled the media and raked in enough cash to build giant edifices to their own power. 

Nick, a student at Illinois Institute of Technology, gave us a pedicab tour from the Loop to Streeterville. We tipped him well.

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