Saturday, October 13, 2007

A third straight first-place finish

The Oiler marching band marched to the Lamphere Invitational in Madison Heights Saturday, and brought home yet another first-place trophy.
Mount Pleasant scored a 63.65 in the tiny, well-worn field a couple of blocks off I-75 in the inner Oakland County suburbs.
But the band members weren't happy with it. They called it an "off week," and some of the self-critiques were downright brutal.
This band knows what it wants. Its members know the sound and the show they can produce, and they're aiming to get it. They've got a great show. A critical mass of band members has been to the finals at Ford Field.
They want to go back.

Here are the Flight III results from Lamphere:

1. Mount Pleasant 63.65; caption awards for music and marching
2. Trenton 60.4; caption award for best general effect
3. St. Clair Shores Lake Shore: 57.75
4. St. Clair Shore Lake View: 49.65

Pending the outcome of the other invitational Saturday, the win gives Mount Pleasant a competition score of 63 -- good enough for fourth place in the state.


Dawn said...


Again, thank you for your coverage of the band. I enjoyed looking at your blog and reading about your family and the band. (Is the move to the townhouse a move "in town"?) Nice homecoming pictures of your kids.

I am glad to see you posting the scores. Last weekend Maris was looking to find the scores for the second performance and we couldn't find them on the IMB web site or on the MBOA/MCBA sites. Now we know that your blog is the place for the FACTS.

Edu-ma-cate-Me said...

Don't worry - the townhome IS in town and just blocks from the high school. Definitely in "listening distance" of marching band practice, too. Can't imagine anyone who would NOT want to be that close to the band at all times. -- Karen, Mark's other half