Monday, August 13, 2007


If you'll recall, there was a lot of excitement when Michigan invited Andrew to come down and see the engineering school. Today's mail brought more excitement -- MIT, yes, THE MIT, simply sent Andrew an application.

Oh, Wow. What kind of a grin is that?

We had a very frank discussion -- MIT costs about $50,000 a year, a whole lot more than in-state tuition at Michigan. The university is very up-front, admitting only about 16 percent of the people they interview -- and yes, they interview applicants.
But it's all part of the adventure, and I'm more than willing to pay the application fee just to see what happens.
After all, they asked him.
Just a side note: Michigan's application is 23 pages long. MIT's is 28 pages.
Central's is, um, four, but applicants only have to write on two of the pages.


Anonymous said...

OMG! M.I.T. ?
Can Carnegie-Mellon be far behind?

How could you Not apply? Chase what you really want, others will catch the excitement and help you make it happen. IF the school is great, it's worth what it takes to go. I'm rooting for you.

Andrew said...

i had the sunlight in my eyes...