Thursday, August 9, 2007

The big fire

For about the last week, we've been distracted by a little fire Up North. Called the Sleeper Lakes Fire, it's grown from 5,000 to more than 18,000 acres in Luce County between Newberry and Pine Stump Junction. More than 220 firefighters have been trying to bring this awesome fire under control.
It's personal -- the smoke sometimes has been drifting south as far as Kissy Missy's Mom's place, making things uncomfortable. When the wind shifts, the fire moves toward the family's cabin.
These photos are by Michigan Department of Natural Resources photographer David Kenyon. Above, a Michigan Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter based at Grand Ledge hauls a 750-gallon "Bambi bucket" after dumping water on the flames.

All that was left in the wake of the fire was charred earth, and dead and dying trees.

At right, Luce County Sheriff Kevin Erickson and the flight crew of a National Guard Chinook helicopter based at Selfridge Air National Guard base near Mt. Clemens plan a flight over the fire.

Michigan DNR Fire Officer Mike Stearns from Gaylord sprays a foaming agent on the roof of a hunting cabin near the fire.

Other photos: Newberry-area photographer Gina Harman has posted some amazing shots.

WLUC-TV has a report

Campground owner Cathy Clementz has been updating her blog with news from near the scene, as well.

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Anonymous said...

We can also smell & see the smoke over the Mackinac Bridge.

Jill - Mackinac Island