Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rebel with a Rebel

Annie's ecstatic. Great things happening in the GR part of the family:

1. Matt and Annie have been together a year, and they celebrated with romance, jewelry and an airplane. Wow
2. Matthew has a new job as counter manager of the third-busiest NAPA store in Grand Rapids, and (Drum roll, please)

3. Annie has her motorcycle. It's a 2000 Honda Rebel, described by the manufacturer as an "entry-level cruiser."

Lexie's ready for her leathers and helmet.

Biker chic

Yeah, darlin' go and make it happen/Take the world in a love embrace ...


Jason h said...
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Annie said...

Tell Kat maybe i'll take her for a ride sometime.I am planning on coming up on Sunday for Kat's choir thing but I need time's Give me a call and let me know where and when. Love you all Annie