Sunday, July 8, 2007

Driving like hell in Luzerne

Traveling back from PBSR, through God's country, we came through the little, Up North town of Luzerne, Mich. In Luzerne is McDeeter's, a bar/hotel ("Rooms: $25.00" reads the sign up front; we didn't check to see if the band is protected by chicken wire). Out front, the good people from McDeeter's offers some advice.
(I won't mention the highly respectful state trooper I met later in the day.)

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daysgoby said...

Followed your comment back from Redneck Mommy and now you've got me all homesick...I grew up in Suttons Bay and Traverse City, have spent time (and I think been to a bar) in Luzerne, Frankfort, Petoskey, Honor....

The names roll off the tongue.

Great post!