Saturday, March 31, 2007


E-mail from Andrew:

It can be done.
Herr Roehmer has set up a way for some people to go skiing on Zugspitze after the gondola ride. but he needs for everyone who wants to go to have parent permission before they can go. [He needs paperwork.]

Essentially, I need you to get an e-mail to Herr Roehmer telling him that you think I'm a good enough skier not to fall down and crack my head open.
You can email him, or maybe call the hotel if need be, but that can get expensive.

Tell everyone that it's absoultely beautiful here. I feel like moving to Garmisch. The mountains are absolutely stunning. I'll show you the picture that I got that left me absolutely speechless. You'll love it.

FYI: A girl on the trip has the same camera as I do and has let me use her battery charger and converter. My camera died before I got to Dachau. Sorry, no pictures. I have taken some 350 pictures and still have over 750 pictures left for Paris. Yay!

That's about all for the moment. I'll tell you everything when I get back. [Or at least as much as I can remember.]


E-mail from Dad:

Herr Roehmer:

You have my permission to let Andrew Ranzenberger ski on Zugspitze after the gondola ride. He has the skills necessary to ski safely.

Get that boy on the mountain!!!!

Mark Ranzenberger

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