Friday, March 23, 2007


"Dad," Andrew said. "Just stop obsessing about my trip to Europe."
He looked a little bit exasperated with me.
"Am I obsessing?" I asked, fiddling with the new digital camera I bought, and will send to Europe with him. (Note to self: Must buy lithium batteries because the recharger won't work on European current.)
"Yes," he said. "Just stop it."
I denied it. I'm not obsessing.
"Andrew? Look! I found images of the interiors of all the aircraft you'll be flying!" has an amazing catalog of photos of commercial aircaft.
"Dad, you're obsessing."
"I am not." But has a really cool system where you can track, minute by minute, the location, speed and altitude of any commercial flight. Let's see, he'll be on Delta Flight 130 from Atlanta to Munich, and look! Today's flight is 31,000 feet over North Carolina right now, traveling at 519 knots! Wow!
"Dad, stop it."
"Wow! Look at the candid traveler photos of the mountains behind the hotel where you'll be staying!"
"Dad ...."
(Note to self: Must get better daypack for him.)
"Just let it go, Dad."
"Andrew, you know about the quart Ziploc rule, right?"
"Yes. Dad ..."
"You know, I'd really feel more comfortable if I took you to the airport, rather than just putting you on a school bus at 5:30 in the morning."
"You'll live, Dad.
"Now just be quiet."
I'm not obsessing. Where did he ever get that idea?

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