Thursday, December 7, 2006

Fuzzy, Annie and Lexie

I'm still playing catch-up after a slightly crazy period; this should have gone up several days ago.
Katherine and I went to Kentwood over the weekend for Lexie's first birthday party. It was so good to get together with Matthew -- and to see Annie and Lexie.
Annie is a fabulous addition to what once was the slightly warped Gang of Four. It's neat to watch the two of them relate to each other. There's little strained, little that's artificial.
Lexie, of course, is Annie's daughter. Just watching Fuzzy relate to her is a joy. He's a natural. He's completely comfortable with that little girl on his lap, and she's completely at ease with him.
I get the impression that Annie, who sees herself as a rebel, someone who tests the limits, has been looking for a comfortable place from which she can do that. I sense that Annie has been looking, perhaps even without realizing it, for a place where she can challenge and test and perhaps rebel, then come home safely.
Perhaps she's found it.
Meanwhile, Katherine is eyeing Annie's drum set.

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