Sunday, December 10, 2006

The fridge dancers

Last June, Andrew, Robert, Kissy Missy and I went to Frankfort for Father's Day. Kathy had left the day before on her way to her European tour, so the four of us went to Lake Michigan, splashed in the lake, and generally had a great time.
One of the places we stopped was called the Trick Dog Gallery. It was an art gallery, which also sold food and gifts. The food at the Trick Dog is simple, but amazing; the specialty is a stuffed Brazilian French toast that is to die for.
We couldn't afford any of the really fancy art that owner/artist Greg Jaris had for sale -- although it was cool. It's quirky, fun, beyond trendy, just really neat. It's the kind of thing that you'll find in a teacher's house, a really cool teacher's house. Perhaps someday ...
But we did bring back souvenirs from the Trick Dog.
Kissy Missy picked out some refrigerator magnets with a twist -- they're silhouettes of a clown, a monkey, a dancer and a musician. All are fully articulated, and they can be placed in any position.
All four of them live on the refrigerator in the back room. Anyone is free to change the magnets' positions.
The monkey and the clown just seem to tolerate each other, tied with magnets to the freezer door. But the dancer and the musician appear to have started something.
They change, sometimes from day to day, sometimes from week to week, sometimes from hour to hour.
When I wake up in the morning, the dancers are there on the refrigerator door. They are joyful. They are a definite message that there is fun in the house.
It seems, sometimes, that a relationship has blossomed between the dancer and the musician. There's a story there, and the story hasn't come to an end. There is mystery in that story, told in silhouette and body language and dance. They are friends, perhaps. Or perhaps they are lovers, or perhaps they are siblings.
In any case, on any given morning when I awake, I wonder what new chapter of the story will be told. Are they happy? Intense? Angry? Is it the relationship of the century? Or will today's story be stormy and dark? Will it be over the top? Or perhaps under the bottom.

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