Thursday, November 16, 2006


It was one of the moments Andrew has been working toward and waiting for for months.

He and I went to the Sun and Snow Ski Shop in Cadillac – one of the best ski shops around – on Wednesday to buy skis.
He’s had his eyes on a set of Fischers for a while. Here’s how they’re described:
This ultra-responsive slalom ski is made to the specifications of Fischer's World Cup athletes. It's handmade with the highest quality wood, titanium and AirCarbon. The perfect sidecut combined with the best construction can mean only one thing when introduced to an athlete with true dedication... and that is SUCCESS. FIS legal radius in all lengths. 15mm World Cup racing plate which accommodates any racing binding. Suggested retail price: $950.
Andrew paid less.
Andrew is serious about being competitive this year, and he realizes the price that will take.
He’s been committed to this purchase – along with shin guards and pole guards for banging the gates out of the way – since he began looking for work last summer. He’s made the sacrifices, day after day. Now he has to turn it into success on the slopes.
That takes desire, and I think he’s already demonstrated that.
The next moment -- the bigger moment -- will be when he takes them out the first time.
The forecast: 1 to 2 inches of snow overnight.

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Andrew said...

now i have to keep the job to pay off my trip to Europe