Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dancing in the Street

As I headed for Mount Pleasant High School to pick up Katherine, I did a serious double-take at the corner of Mission and Bellows.
Katherine and her friends were hanging on the street corner, dancing.
Clearly, that day's rehearsal for the Michigan State Honors Choir had gone incredibly well. Mount Pleasant has the largest contingent of singers of any school in this choir, and these girls are very close. The choir "sounds amazing," according to Katherine.
The rehearsal was in Holland, so they'd spent a considerable time on the road. Apparently, it was worth it.
And besides that, there was, um, this boy.
Hey, my story about how I got into the newspaper business starts when I was a high school freshman, and begins with the words, "There was this girl ..."
The girls had come back from an amazing day, and full of high spirits and hijinks, ran down the street, too joyful not to dance.
The choir's performance is 3 p.m. Jan. 27 at Devos Hall in Grand Rapids. You know we'll be there.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... The boy is Reece. He is amazing. =DD I like him. Fun fun.
Oh and we had 2 Chinese Fire Drills on the way back. That was fun. Oh and I have the wrong leg up. Oops!! =DD We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch. AMAZING FUN!! hehehe.


Anonymous said...

yeah reece....he is the sexiest thing alive kathy lol hes perfect in every way and the chinese fire drills were amazingly fun i loved them and thats okay that u had the wrong leg up cuz i was falling over lol ohio state pride! Chuckie cheese was halariously fun and we should go agin next time and "ITS RAININ MEN!!" lol well that was seriously the best day of my life no joking it was perfect like in the movies, okay well, PINK BRACLETS!!! peace