Saturday, October 28, 2006

St. Louis in five

The Cardinals beat the Tigers three straight games in St. Louis, and St. Louis is the World Series champion.
I can't really say I'm disappointed; no one -- absolutely NO ONE -- expected the Tigers to be anywhere near the World Series this year. It was a great ride.
Today's finals day, the day at Ford Field that's been on the schedule for the Oiler band all year. It's been a long time since the band's played at the finals -- 2000 was the last appearance, and they won that year.
It's 7:40 a.m. in the Ranzenhaus. I'm the only one up. It will be a cold, windy, nasty, blustery day. Winds up around 40 mph, snow mixed with rain, general yuck. But I'm doing my part -- there's 20 pounds of fruit on the kitchen table for the band, and I'm ready to go pack lunches.
But first, the day must begin .....

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