Friday, October 27, 2006

The price of overacheiving

This has been one of the craziest, longest, most sleepless weeks of my life.
Sunday afternoon, Kissy Missy dragged me to the walk-in clinic. I'd been coughing and hacking, and generally just feeling lousy. Then I got a fever of 101.3. I had a respiratory infection.
A good course of antibiotics got that cleaned up. I took half a day off Monday, then got right back into the saddle. Monday night, city commission. Tuesday, teaching. Wednesday, Union Township. Thursday, a city candidates forum. Friday, I was supposed to go to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with Kissy Missy, but that had to be canceled because I spent most of the afternoon in an interview, and didn't get my Sunday and Monday stories done.
They're done. Finally.
Through the middle of this, Kathy's come down with an eye infection. She feels lousy, and naked without her eye makeup.
Saturday: the zoo continues. Kissy Missy will be part of Prof Ed's events as part of Make a Difference Day. Andrew works. Robert has band practice, and heads for Detroit and the state finals.
We won't be far behind.
I'm excited, but right now, I hear a bed calling. As soon as I file my hours, buy a bunch of apples and bananas for the band, and recharge Robert's phone.
Don't ask me to do anything else.

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