Thursday, May 18, 2006

Robert joins marching band

Robert just joined the Mount Pleasant High School Marching Band.
"He plays well and we need clarinets," said Matt Taton, the band director.
Robert's in seventh grade.
The Oiler Marching Band is very good, even though it didn't qualify for state competition last fall. It's a new season, and Robert's in it.
He'll be marching -- performing -- in the Memorial Day parade. Looking at it strictly from a Midland-style, mercenary perspective, that could be a heck of a resume entry.
He's proud of himself, of course, but not annoyingly so.
Last fall, I did a story on the marching band at MPHS. Last fall's performance was based on "Hair;" this fall, the band does the music of Led Zeppelin.
Far out, man.

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