Monday, November 2, 2015

The Green House

The 3,250-square-foot Victorian home at the corner of Main and Locust streets now has been painted red.
The Green House on Main Street is no longer green.
The fine, brick Victorian home at 500 S. Main St. was built in 1879, according to City of Mount Pleasant records. Some historians dispute that, saying it actually was built in 1876.

In late summer 2015, the job was about half done, with the rear of the building red, while the front remained the color that gave the home the nickname "The Green House."

For many years in the 20th century, it belonged to the McClintic family. The Kowalczyk family bought it in the late 1990s.
These days, the 3,250-square-foot, five-bedroom home houses Community Counseling Associates and a law office. The brick fa├žade of the building reportedly was painted red at one point. That was changed to green, apparently sometime during the 1980s. Now, the brick is back to red. The brick-and-mortar construction is in good shape – Mount Pleasant bricks of the 19th century were made to last.

The home had been red for years before being painted green.

Good things happened to our family in that building. It’s a quiet place of knowledge and wisdom and awareness.

The brick-and-mortar exterior construction reportedly is in very good shape.

And now, it’s the Red House. 

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klasieprof said...

I love it when owners take care of their property, and THIS house was red in my memory. SO happy to see it again that way.