Monday, March 31, 2014

A talking head

How did the short, fat, middle-aged white guy get on the tube?
I still can't believe that I show up regularly on Public TV and get to shoot my mouth off.
Actually, I've played the part of the talking head on Public TV off and on for nearly 25 years. I'm still amazed by that fact.

"Currently Speaking" host Andy Rapp, left, with some other guy.
Central Michigan Public Broadcasting had me as an occasional interviewer back during the 1990s, when I was working for the Midland Daily News as a political reporter.
Delta College Public TV also used me as an interviewer, talking head, debate panelist and occasional pundit on a variety of shows. My favorite show was something called "Talking Headlines." We had a centerpiece on the table in front of us, which sometimes got replaced by something edible. Often, it was doughnuts, but one week, it was a plate of Ya-Ya's  chicken. I've often wondered if that's why the show didn't come back the next season.
Playing pundit with political science professor Bob Moore.
Then in 2006, I got a call for another program, called "Currently Speaking." It was a call-in show, a show of opinion. Why not?
About six times a year, my ugly mug shows up on the tube. They keep asking me back, and I'm more than happy to do it.
They used to pay us in coffee cups - I have an extensive collection - but now, they pay us in thanks.
The show airs Tuesday nights at 8 on Delta College Public TV, WDCQ. My next scheduled appearance is April 22 during a pledge drive.  Give generously. I want more coffee cups.


Mimi said...
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Mimi said...

It's cuz' you're so smart and funny!