Friday, January 31, 2014

Sgt. Dorsey says, WRITE!

We got our first letter from Robert at Marine boot camp today. He sounds upbeat and up to the challenge. He’s got the Ranzenberger work ethic, and he wants this.


We also got a form letter from his drill instructor, assuring us worried parents (I’m not worried. I know my kid.) that “your young man is in good hands.”
I knew that.
But he and the Corps have assigned us a mission:
“Your young man will be facing many obstacles and may experience periods of frustration, especially during the first phase,” Sgt. Jeffrey Dorsey wrote. “Positive and encouraging letters from relatives and friends will greatly contribute to his morale and attitude.
“High morale and a positive outlook are assets for a solid foundation and attributes to successful training,” Dorsey wrote. “Your role in maintaining his high morale and motivation, which can benefit his positive development, is vital and encouraged.”
So if you know Robert, or even if you don’t and want to support him, write him a letter. Send him a card. Don’t send him gifts or goodies – but you can support him by sending him mail.
Here’s the address:

Recruit Robert Ranzenberger
2nd BN HOTEL CO PLT 2173
36001 Midway Ave.
San Diego, CA 92140-2105

It's a long time between now and April when he's scheduled to finish boot. Let's let him know we're thinking about him. 

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spermythecat said...

Huh i need to write to him. I havent yet.