Monday, January 4, 2010

City deer

Well, they're certainly here.
These deer aren't dumb. I was traveling along West Campus Drive this afternoon, and I spotted this little feller calmly nibbling at what was under the snow.
It's perfect habitat for adaptable critters. There's plenty of food - evergreens, shrubs, ornamental fruit trees, even a few oaks. There's lots of cover - this guy and at least one other were well-concealed most of the time in the brush along the Great Lakes Central Railroad tracks that run through campus.
The Chippewa River is just a few blocks away. Traffic isn't particularly heavy, except when classes change.
And no one's out to hunt them.
It's deer Eden.


Garrett Mclean said...

lovely photo. it's hard to capture wildlife like this. well, at least where i live.

Garrett McLean at sm compufix

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that with the poor deer season many locals had this year, that the city could get hunters for FREE to cull the heard rather than paying for it. I know many people would love to have some venison in their freezer