Saturday, October 18, 2008

The uniforms aren't purple!

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I'm a Mt. Pleasant High School graduate and an alumni (sic) of the band. I was horrified that our new band uniforms are not blue and gold. Those are our school colors. They bought black and purple? I will not support the band anymore.

Ahem. The band uniforms are NOT purple.
The Mt. Pleasant community raised about $40,000 for new marching band uniforms, which the band has worn proudly since mid-September.
The uniforms are mostly black and very sleek-looking. One sleeve is white, and a white stripe shaped like a mountain (to honor the Mountain City) accents the chest. Above the stripe, the uniforms are an electric blue.
When performing at a Mt. Pleasant football game, the band wears triangular gold patches that read "MP." At competition, the patch is replaced by a mirrored accent that adds dramatically to the band's visual impact.
The marching band's final 2008 local show will be Friday, Oct. 24 at halftime of the Mt. Pleasant-Fruitport football game.
That will be followed by competitions Saturday, Oct. 25 at Lakeland High School in White Lake and at the Plymouth Canton Invitational - and likely the state marching band finals at Ford Field in Detroit Nov. 1.

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Andúnië said...

Er... purple? Support banked on uniform colors? Okay then.