Sunday, June 15, 2008

Speeeeeeeeeed .....

Well, we have new neighbors. They seem like nice folks, younger people, and I noticed they are using a Wi-Fi connection for their Internet access.
I noticed this because it's open and shows up, with a very strong signal, on my Mac's Airport.
I also had noticed a truck from Charter Communication was there when the new folks moved in.
It was Sunday morning. There probably wasn't a lot of traffic on the 'Net. I logged onto the neighbor's Wi-Fi (It's open, after all) and ran a speed test.

Here are the results for Charter cable:

Then I logged back on to our WiMax-based system from SpeedNet:

I see no reason to change ISPs.


Andrew said...


it seems that everything Charter does fails spectacularly.

Fuzzy said...

That's exceptionally bad, especially for cable. That super-long ping time doesn't bode well. It makes me wonder how many hops it's taking. I'd run a traceroute from both, see how many hops it takes to do a lookup to a known IP address, like Google's.

Anonymous said...

Unless you have a hard-wired connection into their cable modem head-end, your test is not exactly valid. Trust me on this one Mark.