Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hello, City Hall?

We knew that water rates were higher in Mt. Pleasant than at Lake Isabella, but I wasn't quite prepared for what I saw when I opened up the water bill yesterday.
The bill was for $9,899.32 - if I paid it on time. The city was claiming we used 2 million gallons of water.
That's a lot of flushing.
I called City Hall, as I suspected there might have been, um, a billing error. (Ahem!) The conversation went something like this:
ME: Hi. This is Mark Ranzenberger ...
THEM: Oh, thank you for calling! You have a new bill on the way. I sent it out this morning. I am so, so sorry.
ME: Ah! You've already caught it, then?
THEM: Yes. I just wish that hadn't gone out. We have some new software, and the wrong multiplier got put into your account. It's fixed.
ME: So how much is the new bill?
THEM: About $20.
Actually, I've heard horror stories about unresponsive bureaucracies and weird errors. I'm actually quite impressed that 1. The department knew who I was right away, and 2. The problem had already been solved.
Maybe. I haven't seen the new bill yet.

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Anonymous said...

did you every get the corrected bill? I only ask because you directed people to this 6-month old post and don't provide any info on if it is actually fixed.