Saturday, December 29, 2007

Faster, faster, faster

I just checked the speed of our high-speed connection from Lake Isabella, and I'm pleased.
That's a lot faster than when I checked it last March, shortly after it was installed. Not bad for the boonies, not bad at all.
This is one downside of moving to town. The Internet connectivity may not be as good.
There's always Charter Cable, but after listening to a myriad of complaints about the service, I think I'd rather revive the Verizon dial-up.
Verizon doesn't offer DSL in the new neighborhood. (What is WRONG with those people?)
There are a couple of wireless providers who might be able to provide a connection. We'll have to check.
Meanwhile, I like that speed from Winn Telecom's Motorola Canopy.

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Fuzzy said...

Take a look at what you're paying now vs what you'd pay for cable. The cable service anywhere is bad, because cable companies don't have to compete with anybody. Give it a year and there will probably be enough people to convince Verizon that it's worth running DSL lines, or see if they have plans to install fiber. I'm much happier with DSL than I am with cable, but I'm happier with cable than I am with dial-up.