Monday, September 17, 2007

Another year, another European tour ...

Robert's on his way to Europe.
Bert was among the very first musicians selected for the 2008 version of the Blue Lake International Exchange program's Southern Winds concert band.
He's excited as I've ever seen him. Last weekend, to help fund the trip, he and I, with considerable help from Kissy Missy, collected empty cans from CMU's Saturday afternoon fraternity parties and a massive tailgating bash before the game. Let's say that it pays better than radio did, but not as well as lap-dancing.
The specifics: Rehearsals are scheduled for November, April and May; Intensive Week begins June 6 (the day school gets out); the plane leaves from Detroit Metro airport June 14, after a concert somewhere around Detroit; the band returns July 12; there's a mini-tour July 24 and 25, and the homecoming show at 7 p.m. July 26.
The tour dates aren't set yet, but Southern Winds will be part of Blue Lake en France, and the band is to spend a week en La Belle France.
I have to apologize for the hiatus. Semester start has been, ahem, a bear, and it doesn't help that the newspaper lost another reporter. And now my Mac laptop has developed an apparent power supply problem. Not good. The CMU techs are tut-tutting; hopefully, it will be repaired soon. But for right now, all my images are on that hard drive, and I cain't git to'em!


Annie Waring said...

Thanks we missed the Ranzenberger news

Anonymous said...

Bert: It says that it's in Figeac