Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Dean's List

Matthew called me tonight, very proud of himself -- and a little surprised. He's on the Dean's List. Matthew's a student at Grand Rapids Community College, preparing for what he hopes will be a degree in law enforcement.
He had soured on college after a semester at Ferris a few years ago, and went to work in the suburbs of Grand Rapids. I can't say anything -- I'm the guy who did college on the Nine-Year Plan, and that seems to have worked out OK.
But Matthew's back at it; funny how it feels unfinished, somehow. He says he worked his tail off, actually studied and got results. The Dean's list -- while working almost full-time.
Way to go, guy.


Matthew said...

Almost full time? I suppose it's less than 40 hours most weeks, sure, but four nine and a half hour days take their toll just as much. Especially in retail.

Matthew said...

Oh, and yes, I am proud of myself, and I updated my resumé to show it.